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Up to 20% discount on selected intercoms | Use code: WINTER2021
Up to 20% discount on selected intercoms | Use code: WINTER2021


  • AES Global Cellcom Lite

    AES Cellcom Lite intercom

    Introducing the brand new * AES Cellcom Lite Intercom. The Lite is the little brother of the Cellcom Prime! It is a scaled-down version in terms of features and price, without compromising on quality and function. Back to basics! The AES ...

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  • Installing a building intercom

    Installing a building intercom

    The installation of a building intercom is easy! You're a condominium trustee, owner of multiple apartments or buildings that house multiple businesses, manager of coworking spaces or doctor's offices, or intercom installer, you are looking for a simple solution to make access to the ...

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  • Cellcom prime Advanced GSM Intercom - AES Global

    Cellcom prime Advanced GSM Intercom

    Hello to all of our customers and readers and welcome to 2020. This year we made some improvements to the award-winning Cellcom Prime. 2017/18 you told us that you would like the apps, the new timer functions and the integration of the keyboard in ...

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  • New GSM Cellcom Prime Installer App - AES Global

    New GSM Cellcom Prime Installer App

    The brand new GSM Cellcom Prime Installer app offers many functions that make installation easier for both the customer and the installer. No more text strings during setup. The ability to remotely add and remove numbers and remove keyboard codes from ...

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  • Recommended product: Styluscom - AES Global

    Recommended product: Styluscom

    Styluscom - the intelligent intercom system that combines access control and video surveillance in one system. Now with color video! Up to 2 gates and 2 CCTV cameras are connected to a maximum of 4 monitors. With a super long range of over CAT 5 (300 meters) ....

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  • New and Improved Products - AES Global

    New and improved products

    At AES Global we are constantly developing, customizing and developing new and existing products in order to remain a leading manufacturer of intercom systems. Now you can have the sleek SLIM intercom handset in either black or white! Do you think this trendy product ...

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  • Georgia State Football to AES Global - AES Global

    Georgia State Football to AES Global

    Meet our AES Global Superstar Sales Manager from Georgia State Football and former Manchester United Star - Nenad Smiljanic Nenad Smiljanic was born and raised in Barnsley, Yorkshire. The parents were originally from Croatia, where his ...

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