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Up to 20% discount on selected intercoms | Use code: WINTER2021
Installing a building intercom

Installing a building intercom

The installation of a building intercom is easy!

  • You are a condominium trustee, owner of multiple apartments or buildings that house multiple companies, manager of coworking spaces or medical offices, or intercom installer.
    You are looking for a simple solution to control visitor access. 
Have you thought about the collective GSM intercom? As a replacement or initial installation, opt for the simple installation of a wireless collective intercom system. From its technical properties to its many advantages, it can only satisfy you!

Collective intercom solutions

Collective GSM interphone

Switch from Digicode to Intercom

In every building or condominium there is usually a code at the entrance that allows the door to stay open at any time of the day or night, preventing unwanted visitors from entering. The digicode is located at the entrance of a building, a condominium or a residence and consists of a keyboard which, after entering the correct code, triggers the opening of the door.

With the intercom, you can filter access more securely than just a digicode. However, for a condominium trustee or facility manager, security is paramount. The question of the intercom can arise. If a digicode or an intercom system is already available and fails, it can make sense to replace it with a collective GSM intercom system.
digicode collectif

collective digicode

Different types of collective intercoms

The intercom triggers the opening of a door, gate or gate via the installation of an electric lock or trash remotely. There are several types of building intercoms:

  • Audio intercom: It comes in the form of a street record player with call buttons or a keyboard for scrolling names. This audio system enables each occupant to speak to their visitor and open the door remotely.
  • Video or videophone intercom: Based on the same principle, it contains a camera and the handsets have a screen on which the identity of the visitor can be checked.
  • The group intercom scrolls through the names: All residents' names are displayed on an LCD screen.
  • Wired intercom: Instead, wired intercoms are installed as part of the replacement of an existing device.
  • GSM intercom (by phone): The record player is installed at the entrance. The visitor selects the person's name from the drop-down list on the LCD screen of the GSM collective intercom. At the push of a button, the intercom cascades three recorded numbers. The caller answers directly on his phone (fixed or mobile) and can interact with the visitor. With a tap of her finger on her phone, she can trigger the opening of the door and allow the visitor to enter. Videophones are difficult to implement with this system.

This solution is preferred in connection with the renovation of old buildings, the avoidance of destructive work or as part of an initial installation.

Notice: When setting up an electric gate for condominiums with secluded homes, installing a cable system causes relatively important work. A wireless intercom system is preferable.

How do you choose your building intercom?

Selection of the number of call buttons

With your wireless intercom, you can reach residents or businesses during a visit by simply pressing the button of the person or company you are visiting. The two-way radio allows you to select the number of buttons that will suit your needs.



The wireless intercom offers a keypad option, or DIGICODE, with which authorized persons can open the door to the building door. This building door digicode is assigned to the wireless intercom function.digicode sans fil à 3 boutons

Complementary devices for access management

AES interphone 4G defilement

AES Intercom 4G scrolling names

  • Digicode: A code pad restricts access to authorized persons. However, the code must be changed regularly to be really effective. It is possible to manage the passcode through a smartphone app.
  • The ID card reader: safer than digicode, since the amount is limited, it is also more restrictive for the same reason.
  • VIGIK: The VIGIK® system enables professionals to access the public areas of buildings. These are operators or service providers such as electricians, plumbers ...
  • Telephone call command: Only registered users can call the GSM intercom with a SIM card.

Choose the collective GSM intercom

interphone immeuble


Why choose a collective GSM intercom?

Remote opening

The first interest of the collective intercom is of course to allow a portal or door to be opened remotely, even if the person visited is not present.

In addition to the visitors of a resident of a condominium building, this system affects various users such as delivery drivers, employees of a company, patients in a doctor's office, providers (maintenance, gardening, etc.).

access control

The functions of the collective intercom don't end there. By filtering the people who have access, access can also be controlled and thus the security of collective places can be improved.

The collective GSM intercom offers the option of managing two accesses (e.g. a portal and a door). It is also possible to set opening times (hour and day).

Did you know that?

In 2016, 470.000 households reported being the victim of a break-in or attempted break-in to their main residence.

Whether it is a replacement of the intercom or the digicode or a first installation (e.g. on a construction site or in a renovated building), the choice of the collective GSM intercom has many advantages. The advantages of the collective GSM intercom

An easy installation

Let's remember the operation of the collective GSM intercom: it enables the residents of a condominium to take calls from visitors via a telephone (fixed or mobile). Equipped with a SIM card from the operator (Vodaphone), it connects a record player at the entrance of a building to the telephone of the occupants.

Therefore, the installation of the collective GSM intercom does not require wiring work, which is often troublesome and very expensive. There is also no need to install handsets in homes or offices. The installation of the collective GSM intercom can be carried out by an electrician or installer. If an intercom system or digicode is already available, simply take over the existing power supply.

A ^ pplication d'installation de l'interphone GSM collectif

A management interface for installers

It is particularly useful for an installer to be able to manage all customers remotely via the same interface. As an installer, you can use the interface of the Cellcom Prime Installer app to establish a connection to the interfaces of the various GSM intercoms that you manage for your customers.

Very low installation costs

The simplicity of implementation therefore has an impact on the installation costs, which are particularly low.

Easy to use

No subscription is required for residents, except for the SIM card on the intercom. Note that some intercom solution providers may require a subscription to manage the intercom. This is not the case with the collective intercoms we have proposed.

The user can open the door by answering the intercom call on their phone (fixed, mobile or tablet), regardless of where they are, even when they are not there - very convenient, for example, to receive a package, that is delivered by a carrier!

The lack of a wall-mounted handset is also an undeniable benefit for people with limited mobility.

A modular intercom solution

You can choose your own collective GSM intercom. Depending on requirements and configuration, the intercom can be adapted and have different functions. You can choose and choose between several models:

  • with buttons or scrolling names
  • with or without a keyboard
  • with or without ID card reader
  • VIGIK location.

    interphone GSM modulable

    Do not hesitate to compare the different products. Review the results of the product tests conducted to help you make your choice.

    AES GLOBAL is the provider of your solutions for your intercom system. As a real guarantee of quality, it is considered a world leader in wireless access control and has received multiple awards. It is characterized by high quality technical support and offers a 2-year manufacturer's guarantee on all of its products.

    AES global

    AES Global

    The intercom is more secure than a simple digicode and now combines convenience and security by adapting to the technology. This is particularly the case with the collective GSM intercom: since no major wiring work is required, its inexpensive implementation is of great interest, especially for trustees of condominiums. A modern solution, a controlled budget.

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