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Become a partner of AES Global and receive exclusive discounts, support and product catalogs Click Here

Cancellation Policy


Full right of return on request.

The terms and conditions continued

Complete system return

We manufacture modular products. As a result, parts can be swapped out for any suspect faulty product rather than entire systems being replaced. Fully installed products that are returned cannot be credited as they cannot be resold as new. Credit can only be given to products that have not been installed and are in good condition. Items that are returned in full are usually repaired and sent back to the dealer to be resent to the installer. Otherwise, the dealer can be provided with the cost of overhauling the system so that it is “as new”.

Restocking fees

Items may be returned in the event of a faulty order or are unsuitable for use. An administration fee of 10% is charged for this. It is not the responsibility of Advanced Electronic Solutions Global Ltd to ensure that the selected product is fully suitable for the application. We are happy to advise our customers to the best of our ability. However, the ultimate responsibility for the security or design of the access system rests with the installer or dealer. Items installed with all accessories, manuals, and packaging that are not in brand new condition may be eligible for credit in certain cases, but a 30% restocking fee will apply.

Field error

We recommend all dealers to contact the installer if they have problems on site. Items will not be accepted for return unless we have spoken with the installer and are confident that returning the items is the best course of action. All items intended to be returned by AES technical support are suspect until tested and evaluated by AES.

No error found

We charge a standard fee of £ 29 + VAT. On all returned items that are not found to be defective, unless we have expressly agreed to return the item for analysis.

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