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Praetorian Guard FSK 4G video intercom (marine grade stainless steel with black acrylic coating)

€ 1.411,00

Architectural model with modern, cool white illuminated buttons.
Marine grade brushed stainless steel construction. Prox panel: PRAE-IP-PX-FSK

Praetorian Guard FSK IP Flush Intercom with push button from Praetorian Guard with WiFi access point (marine grade stainless steel).

Talk to your visitors from anywhere in the world.
Grant remote access - Send a command to the operator via the app to open your gates, etc.
Keyboard codes - 24-7 / time-controlled / temporary (optional)
No touch access - PROX cards / tags - 24-7 / time-controlled / temporary (optional)
Voicemail - Visitors can leave unanswered video messages.
Multi-User - Add a maximum of 8 devices per Intercom ID. (Including ADMIN users. Maximum of 4 for best performance.)
Connection via WLAN, LAN cable or 4G access point (sold separately) (dual-band WLAN, 2,4 and 5,8 GB WLAN (802.11 b / g / n / a / c))
Button cell battery to keep important system settings when the device is switched off, e.g. date stamp.
Volume of the external loudspeaker adjustable at the call point.

Vodafone SIM included for convenience.

Modern blue backlight effect. Marine grade brushed stainless steel construction with glossy acrylic cladding. Keypad contains 3 relays, 1200 codes, with lock and momentary operation and more. (Kit includes voice panel, WiFi modem, power supply and installation instructions)

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