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Up to 5% discount on selected AES Global intercoms | Use code: AES5
Up to 5% discount on selected AES Global intercoms | Use code: AES5

AES Multi Classic IMPK 4G GSM multi-apartment intercom with keyboard and prox reader, imperial finish

Original price € 1,137.50
Current price € 1,050.00

AES Multi Classic Intercom System of the IMPK series, suitable for household or business. High quality, reliable door intercom.

With the MultiCom CLASSIC door opening system, you can now use your mobile phone and / or landline network as part of an intercom to open the door of the main building to a block with up to 500 apartments! And with 3 programmable telephone numbers per apartment for up to 500 apartments, the MultiCom system can record 1500 different call combinations!

In order to complement the high-end functionality of these systems, they were designed for durability. This weatherproof construction (protection class IP55) is equipped with an elegant housing made of stainless steel and looks good. It holds up well to the elements if properly maintained

The MultiCom Classic system works when a visitor enters the apartment number on the keyboard. This calls a mobile or landline number into the flat or apartment so that the tenant can lock and unlock the door with the * and # keys on his telephone device.
If the client is not available, the MultiCom Classic system jumps to another phone after a set timeout (this can be shortened from the default setting to avoid reaching Voicemail) and then to another phone number, so that a total of 3 clients per Apartment present are available to answer the call.

With 3 telephones for 500 apartments, the MultiCom system can record 1500 different call combinations. The system can be programmed via a smartphone app, SMS text messages, a PC-USB connection or an on-screen keyboard and also has a directory system in case the visitor is not sure which SIM card they have. This is activated with a scrolling option that uses the up / down buttons to scroll.

The keypad provides access to PIN entry, one per apartment (500), plus 50 guest codes plus 20 additional time-limited codes for delivery times or maintenance teams and 20 temporary codes that expire after a certain period of time. The result is a very rounded keyboard with extremely impressive functionality!

The built-in proximity card reader of the PROX model can program up to three cards per apartment - that's a whopping 1500 cards! In addition, you can register an additional 50 guest cards and 20 time-limited and temporary access cards, just like the codes on the keyboard. Again, this is a fantastically diverse proximity system that makes a phenomenally well-suited access system for large buildings.

With regard to the calling function, the phone number of the front door registered on the SIM card is called. If your phone number is registered on the SIM card's whitelist, the relay will trip to unlock the door. You can register up to 50 constant numbers in the whitelist and up to 20 temporary numbers.

Main features

  • Wireless audio intercom system for use with gates / doors
  • Loud weatherproof 1,5 watt speaker
  • Built-in relay for gate / door release
  • Call up to 500 families from a single SIM card
  • Visitors can scroll by residents or enter the apartment to call the number
  • Dial up to 3 phone numbers per family on rollover.
  • Program via app or software

Quality design

  • HD Voice with VOLTE
  • Modern, stylish, curved design
  • Illuminated key (s) and elegant blue backlight
  • Technical
  • Dual-technology radio communication offers world-class, market-leading functions
  • Voice - two-way DECT digital with 1,88 GHz
  • Video - digital one-way spectrum at 2,4 GHz
  • Video intercom with the largest range in the world (approx. 200 m, 450 m open field)
  • Add a total of 3 audio handsets to complement the main video handset

What's included

  • 1 x multi-intercom (voice output outdoors)
  • 1 x radio antenna with long range
  • 1 x power supply
  • 1 x Sim card
  • 1 x user manual
  • Proxy cards available (sold separately)

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