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Multicom Lite 4G GSM intercom with multiple apartments for 500 apartments (IMP)

€ 122.379,00

With a backlit window for viewing up to 30 apartments and an optional Prox card reader, this is the new and improved 'Lite' version of the AES Multicom series.

If you're familiar with the original Multicom, you'll know the old directory system, which you can scroll through for ages to find the right flat number among up to 500 possible entries. The Multicom LITE attempts to fix this problem by completely removing the directory and showing a clean and simple lighted control panel where you can enter up to 30 names.

Alternatively, for the privacy of your tenants, you can choose not to display names in the lighted box and write your own instructions instead, e.g. B. "Enter apartment number and press #". In this modern age of privacy and security concerns, you may find the listing of names a cause for concern and in most cases every visitor would already know the apartment number they need, so most of the settings in Reality doesn't even work. I need a list of names - except maybe for business purposes. In this case the list of 30 names / departments would be sufficient.

While the display only offers space for 30 names, the device is suitable for up to 100 apartments and can call up to three numbers per apartment. All you have to do is enter the apartment number on the keyboard and press the hash key to call the apartment registered for this apartment number. The system then calls the first number registered for that apartment. If that fails, it will call the next number and again until all three registered phone numbers for that apartment are exhausted.

The system also functions as an input device. You can whitelist the cell phone numbers of tenants (and trusted frequent visitors) and allow them to call their own phone number on the input field to trigger the relay that unlocks the door. This means that you can open the door with your phone simply by dialing the device's phone number.

In addition, the keyboard can be programmed to accept both access codes and apartment numbers. So if you want renters / frequent visitors to be able to enter a code to enter, you can too!

The mentioned system can also host a proximity access card reader. So you can program prox cards and tags to work with the system so that tenants can have key fobs or access cards to gain access to the building - nice and easy!

In addition, everything is now easy to manage with the AES Prime smartphone app, which enables quick and easy programming without having to learn and understand the necessary codes.

 Wireless GSM intercom with multiple apartments / multiple residents

  • 4G LTE capable
  • Up to 30 families with an illuminated directory screen or up to 100 direct families via the keyboard.
  • Remote programmable via app
  • Save visitor codes via the app
  • Prox card access options available.
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