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Up to 5% discount on selected AES Global intercoms | Use code: AES5
Up to 5% discount on selected AES Global intercoms | Use code: AES5

Pred2-Wifi-FSK - Rinse the WiFi intercom (completely made of stainless steel) with keyboard - New Wifi Predator Mark 2

Original price € 1,295.00
Current price € 869.51
The keypad contains 3 relays, 1200 codes, with lock and momentary operation and more. Flush model with modern, cool white illuminated keys. Marine grade brushed stainless steel construction. (Kit contains voice panel, antenna, power supply and installation manual) Tab 10 monitor also available as a kit - PRED-WIFI FSK-MONITOR!
4G version of the fastest growing AES product, the Predator Video Intercom. Connection to the 4G network with a 4G-compatible SIM card (included in delivery *).

No Wi-Fi connectivity required. Completely independent of the home network. Easy plug and play setup with the same app as the Wi-Fi version.

Simply connect both devices using an ethernet cable (supplied), plug in power and log in with the credentials provided.

Complete with 24 V DC power supply (for intercom) and POE adapter (for modem).

100 calls per ½ GB of data (based on 30 second calls).

The range can be extended to up to 500 meters with the help of various commercially available devices such as home plug technology, WiFi repeaters and point-to-point connections. Always do a site survey before citing this system.

Manufacturer AES Global
Item weight 1,5 kilograms
Size 16 x 10 x 6
Color gloss black
Power source 24 V DC (24 V 2 A DC adapter included)
Maximum output 300 milliwatts
Item weight 1,5 kg

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