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Up to 5% discount on selected AES Global intercoms | Use code: AES5
Up to 5% discount on selected AES Global intercoms | Use code: AES5

Prime6 ABK 4G two-way radio Imperial Socket (Black & Stainless Steel) Kit with Keypad.

Original price € 849.95
Current price € 705.43

Prime6 ABK 4G - The extremely elegant 4G / 3G GSM intercom has a professional industrial quality GSM intercom system with a keyboard for home use. Receive calls using your phone's SIM number. Stylish, modern call point with a curved profile, integrated keyboard and backlight in neon blue. Made from 100% marine stainless steel and hardened acrylic. Stylish, modern callpoint with a curved profile and backlighting in neon blue. Made from 100% marine grade stainless steel and hardened acrylic.

Rings your phone and cellphone on rollover when the visitor presses the call button. Never miss a visitor with cell phone calls.
Works with any standard contract or pre-pay GSM micro SIM card.
Comes with optional Vodafone 12-month contract SIM, unlimited calls and texts for £ 7,50 / month + VAT * (Terms and conditions apply, Zone 1 Europe only).
Free app for homeowners to trigger a gate opener, set up automatic opening and closing times, create new access codes, receive notifications upon entry, etc. - Free installer app for remote programming and diagnostics.

Set the automatic opening and closing times of the gate.

  • Adjustable "do not disturb" times.
  • Users sign in on their phone.
  • Illuminated call button and dial pad.
  • Add keyboard codes through the app.
  • Enter time-limited codes.
  • High performance antenna

The kit contains a Vodafone SIM card (optional 12-month contract - only Zone 1 Europe). If required, however, other SIM cards from cell phone providers (prepaid GSM micro) can also be used to operate the system.
Marine grade BS316 stainless steel.
Set the opening and closing times of the automatic gate.
Don't disturb the watershed time.
User log on your phone.
Illuminated call button.
High gain antenna as standard.

Technical specifications:

  • Dial numbers: 4.
  • Automatic trigger events per week: 40.
  • Caller ID Numbers: 100.
  • Time-limited Caller ID Numbers: 20.
  • Relays: 2 (N / C and N / O)
  • Relay load: 2 amps 24 V AC (max.)
  • Power consumption: 300 mA when dialing in, 2 amps peak demand.
  • Power supply: 12-24 c DC (24 V DC adapter included).
  • Modem models: 4G.
  • Degree of protection IP56.

This kit contains:

  • 1 x door opener.
  • 1 x antenna.
  • 1 x power supply.
  • Size:
  • With keyboard
  • Free downloadable app

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