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Become a partner of AES Global and receive exclusive discounts, support and product catalogs Click Here
Become a partner of AES Global and receive exclusive discounts, support and product catalogs Click Here

video door intercom

Our mission & values

Our promise to act responsibly as a leading global company.

Your home, smarter

We are AES Global - We love new innovative technologies!

Advanced Electronic Solutions has been in the security industry since 2005 and has been manufacturing wireless, GSM and video intercom systems since 2007.

As a multi-award winning company, Advanced Electronic Solutions is widely recognized as one of the world's leading wireless access control companies. We are experts in gate and door opening systems. AES Global and our team are focused on making and providing high quality products and assistance to customers.

Excellent technical support is our top priority. We grant a manufacturer's guarantee of 2 years on all of our products. The company now sells products in more than 60+ countries including the UK, USA, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

Why AES Global?

"I am proud of the culture and ethos of AES and our team. Our thirst for innovation, design and efficiency is beyond question. I love what we do and enjoy serving customers around the world."

We provide technical support and assistance for all of our access control systems. Whether it's training in the installation phase, delivering a replacement part, or expanding an existing system, we're here to help. Our access control systems usually have a lifespan of more than a decade. That is why we take the aspect of customer service seriously and invest in it to ensure that our system meets customer requirements over many years. We have a dedicated phone line for technical support that reflects our customer-centric ethos. We can quickly answer all kinds of technical, product and installation questions. We also offer on-site support if a problem arises that cannot be resolved over the phone.

Training is key to ensuring that the access control systems we supply are working properly. We invest a lot in training that covers a range of areas. For example product, installation, commissioning and troubleshooting, as this avoids a number of complications that can arise during an installation. We have dedicated training managers who provide free training to wholesalers and installers. From our main locations in the UK, Germany and the USA, members of our technical team are available to our customers and provide extensive training.

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