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Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

If you have registered with, your computer saves an identifying cookie with which you save time each time you visit the website by remembering your e-mail address. Cookies are small files that are stored on a user's computer. They are designed to hold a small amount of data that is specific to a particular client and website and can be accessed by either the web server or the client computer. You can change the settings in your browser to prevent cookies from being stored on your computer without your express consent.

Our cookie policy

In order to take full advantage of the online shopping experience at, your computer, tablet or mobile phone must accept cookies, as we can only make certain personalized functions of this website available to you by using them.

No personal information such as your name, address or payment details are saved in our cookies. They only contain the "key" that is linked to this information after you have registered. If you want to restrict, block or delete cookies from or another website, you can do this with your browser. Every browser is different. So check the "Help" menu of your browser (or the manual for your mobile phone) to find out how you can change your cookie settings.

"Cookies" can be divided into 4 types each of which is outlined below:

Category 1: Strictly Necessary Cookies

These cookies are essential for the website to provide services that you have asked for, such as: B. Saving your shopping bag items.

Session cookies

These are cookies that we use to store your login details and what you have added to your shopping cart. These are 100% required to ensure the website is working properly and you can make purchases.

More information:


Category 2: Analysis / Performance Cookies

This type collects anonymous information about how users use the website and the data is merged with other users so that we can improve the way the website works. For example, we use Google Analytics cookies to understand how customers get to our website, browse or use our website, and highlight areas where we can improve areas such as navigation, shopping experience and marketing campaigns. The data stored in these cookies never shows personal data that can be used to determine your individual identity.

Google Analytics

When visitors reach the website via a search engine result, a direct link or an ad that refers to your page, Google Analytics stores the type of referral information in a cookie. The parameters in the cookie value string are parsed and sent in the GIF request (in the utmcc variable). The expiration date for the cookie is set to 6 months in the future. This cookie is updated each time the site is accessed. Thus it is used to determine the visitor navigation within the site.

Google Analytics

Every unique browser that visits a page on your website receives a unique ID via the __utma cookie. In this way, subsequent visits to your website via the same browser are recorded as belonging to the same (unique) visitor. So if someone interacts with your website using both Firefox and Internet Explorer, the Analytics reports will track that activity among two unique visitors. Similarly, if the same browser were used by two different visitors, but each with a separate computer account, activity would be recorded under two unique visitor IDs. However, if the browser happens to be used by two different people using the same computer account, a unique visitor ID will be recorded even though two unique people accessed the website.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics tracking for ga.js uses two cookies to set up a session. If one of these two cookies is not present, further activities by the user will start a new session. The _utmb cookie timestamp when a visiting session enters the site.

Google Analytics

The _utmz cookie from Google Analytics tracks where the visitor came from, which search engine was used, which link was clicked, which keyword was used and from where on the website the website was accessed worldwide.

Google ad serving cookie

Facilitates on-site follow-up for pay-per-click activities.


Category 3: Functional Cookies

These save your options such as language, search parameters such as size, color or product line. These can then be used to provide you with an experience that better suits your choices and to make the visits more tailored and enjoyable. The information is also anonymously combined with other users so that we can improve the functionality of the website. For example, our "Saved Items" feature uses a cookie to remember the products you want to save while browsing our website.

Category 4: Targeting cookies or advertising cookies

These cookies collect information about your surfing habits in order to make advertising relevant to you and your interests. They remember the websites you have visited and this information is shared with other parties like advertisers.

Google AdWords

The AdWords tracking code is used to track visits and orders for advertising in the Google search and display network. This cookie is triggered when a user visits the Google sponsored ads and makes a purchase. It is triggered on the confirmation page


With this cookie we can track user activity on the website. This data is used to monitor ad performance and serve more targeted ads. The longest-lived cookie expires 2 years after your last visit to the website.


The above is a full list of the cookies we have on-site and we will endeavor to update the list of cookies as changes occur. If anyone has additional questions or needs more information, please contact

Third-party cookies

To support our website content, we sometimes include photos and video content from websites such as flickr and YouTube. Pages with this embedded content may contain cookies from these websites. If you use one of the share buttons on the website, the service through which you want to share content may set a cookie. .de. Aesglobal Germany does not control the spread of these cookies and this tool does not block cookies from these websites. Please refer to the relevant third-party website for more information.

your permission

When you access our website for the first time, you will see a notice about pop-up cookies. If you continue to surf our website without changing your cookie settings, you agree that we can set cookies on your device in accordance with the provisions of this cookie policy.

We will not sell your name, address, email address, credit card information or personal information to third parties without your permission, but we cannot be held responsible or liable for the actions of third party websites from which you may be linked have or have been directed to the website

Communication & Marketing

Once you have shopped in our store, we will occasionally notify you of our latest products, news and specials via email, post and telephone. You will also have the opportunity to receive such communications from us when your account is created with

All account holders have the option to opt out of receiving marketing communications from us and / or selected third parties. Simply click the "Unsubscribe" link in any email communications we may send you.


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