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Become a partner of AES Global and receive exclusive discounts, support and product catalogs Click Here
Become a partner of AES Global and receive exclusive discounts, support and product catalogs Click Here

Terms and Conditions

Marketing support

We offer a range of marketing items, including demonstration cases of working products, wall displays, catalogs and other items. These can be purchased at a reduced and subsidized price, but can also be given to dealers free of charge in the event of a large stock order. We have a number of programs, including credits for display devices, after set sales have been reached. Contact your sales representative for more information about the support we can offer.

We can also provide a variety of services including the output of high quality logo and product images and assistance with product promotion campaigns.

Pricing guidelines

Advanced Electronic Solutions Global Ltd reserves the right to propose price guidelines for sales to customers. Any customer who rates our products in such a way that they damage our brand or our market can be informed in writing that the offer has been removed. Price fixing is illegal in some countries and the company has no policy to enforce specific sales prices or price fixing. We are only recommending a reasonable policy that will ensure that the retailer has sufficient margins to properly and professionally support our products and to promote our brand in a positive way. When selecting market partners, we take many factors into account and reserve the right to decide through whom we sell.

Credit terms

We only offer corporate loans in the UK and Republic of Ireland. We do not offer credits for other areas. We reserve the right to remove credit from customers without prior notice if the customer violates the payment terms. Overseas customers pay at the time the order is placed. An order is only planned for production after receipt of payment. The delivery times are specified after receipt of payment.

Lead times

In general, we have most items available for dispatch within 1-2 business days. For medium-sized orders of up to 10 items, a lead time of up to 5 working days can be achieved. Larger orders can have a lead time of up to 4 weeks. It is the responsibility of the trader to maintain adequate inventory to support the market. However, we will do our best to assist customers in the event that they are unexpectedly out of stock or have an order for an item that they normally do not have in stock.


We reserve the right to adjust our prices overseas due to currency fluctuations. We will notify customers of price changes 60 days in advance.


Our company policy provides for a 2 year warranty on the base. Customers return suspicious parts for repair or replacement, whichever is most efficient. For full terms and conditions, see our full warranty. Available upon request.


Full return policy on request.

General Terms and Conditions continued

Complete system return

We manufacture modular products. As a result, every suspect defective product can be replaced with parts rather than entire systems. Fully installed products that are returned cannot be credited as they cannot be resold as new. Only products that have not been installed and are as good as new can be credited. Items that are fully returned are usually repaired and sent back to the dealer to be resent to the installer, or the dealer can be provided with the cost of revising the system to make it “like new”.

Restocking fees

Items can be returned if the order is incorrect or they are unsuitable for use. An administration fee of 10% is charged for these. It is not the responsibility of Advanced Electronic Solutions Global Ltd to ensure that the selected product is fully suitable for the application. We are happy to advise our customers to the best of our ability. However, the ultimate responsibility for the security or design of the access system rests with the installer or dealer. Items installed with all accessories, manuals, and packaging that are not in brand new condition may be eligible for credit in certain cases but have a 30% restocking fee.

Field error

We recommend that all dealers contact the installer if they have problems on site. Items will not be accepted for return unless we have spoken with the installer and are confident that returning the items is the best course of action. All items intended to be returned by AES technical support are suspect until tested and evaluated by AES.

No error found

We charge a standard £ 29 + VAT fee on all returned items that are not found to be faulty, unless we have expressly agreed to return the item for analysis.

Technical support

We provide technical support for all of our products as a free service. This is available by phone, WhatsApp, email and live chat on our website.

Call lists

We log all technical calls in a database for future reference and training purposes. From time to time we also record calls for training and quality purposes.



If we believe an on-site unit needs a replacement part, we will contact the dealer, inform them of the situation, and arrange for a part to be sent to the installer by the dealer or by us on behalf of the dealer. Order numbers are required for all parts. All parts will be invoiced or credited when the original item is returned (if AES classifies this as defective). We do not accept payment on account for items that have not yet been returned to us.


Advanced Electronic Solutions Global Ltd reserves the right to change prices, specifications and terms without notice.

Full terms and conditions can be requested upon request.

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